Show Rules

Word Format: River City Classic Show Rules – 1 JAN 2023

PDF Format: River City Classic Show Rules – 1 JAN 2023


Show Hostess: Angela Morlock, 812-449-6458

 Website and

 Time: Doors open Sat. at 7:00 am with the show starting at 8:30 am. Doors will be open Fri (31 MAR 2023) at 6:00 pm for set up, if entrants would like to set up.

 Location:     Evansville Army National Guard Armory, 3300 E Division Street, Evansville, IN 47715

(Entrants can unload their vehicles at the big garage door or the double walk-in doors on the east side of the building) Parking is free.

Directions: For individual directions, please send an email to with your address.

 Eligibility: All persons are allowed to enter. There is no membership required. Judges may compete in divisions that they are not judging.

 Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by 10 March 2023. Late entries, (As long as we still have space), will be accepted with a late fee of $10.

Entry Fee: On the website under the Show Entry tab, you will find where to enter. Once you fill this form out, we receive an email will all the data that you entered, marked, or checked. Please fill out form completely.

If paying via Pay Pal, payment will only be accepted by the method of “Friends and Family”. If you select the “For goods and services” … The payment will be declined. To avoid any fees, the two ways are to (1) load money from your bank to PayPal and pay from that or, (2) Pay directly from bank. Pay pal does add a fee on debit cards.

 Tables: Each entrant will get for $50 one, full sized (2.5 ft. x 8 ft.) rectangular table and two chairs with entry form & fee. A half table is available for $25. The number of tables that is available is 50. After 50, entrants will be on a wait list. Wait list entrants will be contacted via email/phone NLT 26 MAR 2023, that they have a table.

 Food: We are catering a meal for this show. The cost of this meal is $10. The menu will be post under the tab “Show Day Info”. On the entry form, there is an option if you want the meal of not. If you choose the meal, then add $10 to your entry fee. We will break for lunch around noon for approximately 1 hour.

 Refunds: There is no refunds, due to being a benefit show.

 Divisions / Judge: There are 7 Divisions, with 7 Rings running simultaneously.

  • Traditional and Classic sizes are shown together while Mini’s (Little Bits, Paddock Pals, Pebbles, Stablemates, Chips,) are shown in their own division. All 1/64th scale models and below are shown in the new AR/Custom Micro Mini Division. Medallions are show in their own Divisions as well.
  • If you or someone you know would like to judge or shadow (Student Judge) a judge, please let the host know asap.


Fun Class: Will run after the Children’s Classes.

Children’s and Fun Classes: These classes are NOT NAN qualifying.

Children’s Division Rules: Ages for these classes are open to any child, age 14 and under. Cost for entry is $10 if the child is sharing with the parent/guardian at their table. If any children entrees need a half table, this can be purchased for $15. Documentation is required for all performance classes explaining about the horse or event and encouraged for all halter classes. This documentation can be in the form of pictures. This will help the kids understand a little more about the breed they have chosen.

For the Easter Costume class, the kids can decorate their models with an Easter theme.

 Class Limits: Limited to 3 models per halter class and 2 models per performance class. If you need to show more than 3 horses in a class, you may pay $1 per each horse above the limits listed here per class. Leave the $1 with the model on the table. Classes may be combined or split at the judge’s discretion.

  • Performance entries are limited to 18″ x 30″. Hunter over fences and stock work can use 24″ x 30″.

Awards: For 1st -6th place, ribbons will be awarded for breed halter classes and cards for Performance, Collectability, & Workmanship. Rosettes for Champions and Reserve Champions as well as other awards for Grand and Reserve Champion.

 Results: Will be given via email to entrants after the show and posted on the web page. There will be a deadline to have any names corrected prior to NAMSHA submission.

Silent Auction: Items are TBD, donations are gladly accepted.

Proxy Showing: Proxy showers are welcome. The fee for this is $3 per horse. A maximum of 15 horses can be proxied. Please enter separately as a Proxy and coordinate with the person showing your horses. Please note: Proxy showers do not get extra table space!

Vintage Challenge: This class is under the Performance division due to the ring that they will be shown at. It is for any model on a mold at least 25 years or OLDER. An example would be a mold that was originally made in the year of 1995 or older (This also means that you can show a model that was produced in 1995-2020, so long as the mold was developed prior to 1995. Any discipline can be shown. Documentation is required in order authenticate the age of the model.

NAMHSA Membership: NAMSHA approval is pending. Therefore, once approved, all 1st and 2nd place horse in each class qualify for NAN except children’s and fun class.

  • ONLY a HORSE or other EQUINE as determined by NAMHSA rules may earn NAN qualification. See for more information.


Model Identification: We once again using our entry number system. This number system operates as follows.

Once you register AND pay your entry fee, you will be emailed an (RC##) number, this number is only unique to you. If you have already been assigned an RC number from last year, this is your number forever.

(Example: Jane Smith gets assigned number RC01 and Stephanie Jones gets assigned number RC02. Janes would label her first model like this; RC01-01 / Heart’s on Fire / Appaloosa / Mare. Then Jane would label her next model; RC01-02 / Mr. Ed / Thoroughbred / Gelding. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s brings a total of 37 models, so her are numbered RC02-01 through RC02-37).

By 15 MAR 2023, your initial show string list is due to be submitted via email to: complete with your assigned numbers, model names, breed, & gender. This info will go into our tracking workbook, so when your model places, we already have all the correct info needed to ensure that your initials and model names are spelled 100% correct.

There is a tab on our website that has examples and how to submit your list. This will speed up our show. Judges will not be able to see this list prior to the show day. When we send you, your number we will also send you the excel form to be used. We will also share the same form with you via google sheets. You can fill out whichever one you choose. We are experimenting with the google sheets for the future.

The Google sheet will let you give you the opportunity to make live changes to your list until 28 MAR 2023. If you do not have computer access, please email us and we will work something out.

Tagging your models: All models must have a leg tag attached to their model. One side will have the entry number, breed, & gender. The opposite side will have the owner’s initials and model’s name.


Judging: Fragile/ wobbly models may be laid on a piece of cloth. Judge reserves the right to pick up and inspect these models.

  • Documentation is required for all collectability entrees.
  • In Performance classes, please put a green marker next to your entry when it’s ready to be judged, or a red marker when it’s NOT ready to be judged.  This will save time for the Performance judge! These markers will be available at the arena table.
    • Documentation and explanation cards/sheets are encouraged for rare breeds, but please limit these to 8.5 by 11 inches or smaller.
  • The show hostess and judges reserve the right to combine or close classes as needed.  Classes may also be split by make, breed, size, or color for easier judging.
  • When judging is completed for a class, please remove your model from the ring or it has the chance to be put in the pony pound.

General Rules:

  • Showers may sell from their tables.
  • Tobacco use is permitted in designated area only (This is a government building).
  • No firearms allowed inside the building.
  • No pets, no running, and no touching other’s showers models.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected throughout the entire show. No obscene, hateful behavior whether verbal or physical. Violators will be required to leave the show without a refund. Staff decision is final.
  • If you bring children, you’re responsible for their behavior. If they break something – it is your responsibility to make good with the owner.
  • Judge’s decision is final. No arguing with the judges.
  • No talking to judges while any class is being judged.
  • If you have a concern or issue about anyone’s behavior at the show, or about the judging, PLEASE bring this to our attention so we can deal with it quickly and appropriately. Do NOT try to resolve the issue yourself!
  • Spectators and helpers are certainly welcome if they abide by the rules.

Questions: Please email at or you can type your question on our website under the contact tab.