Number System

This will explain the RC numbering system (per the show rules)

Step 1: Fill out show entry and pay fee.

Step 2: We will email you an RC number and the format we would like your show string to look like. We will except both excel and google sheets. We PREFER google sheets.

Step 3: By TBD March 2024, submit either an excel sheet via email to your list of your RC number, manufacturer, model names, breed, & gender. Or enter on the shared google sheet by this deadline.

Step 4: Fill out your leg tag with all the standard info plus this number.

(Each model MUST have a tag securely tied to it, to identify the RC NUMBER, BREED & GENDER on the side that will face up and the other side… the owner’s initials, and the OFFICIAL name of the model.)

Note: If you do not have access to Microsoft excel, don’t worry. As stated earlier we will share a Google sheets with you with edit rights. On TBD MAR 2024, edit rights will be removed. After this date, you may still add or delete models by emailing in type the same info. If you share a google sheet with us, ten make sure that you highlight the cells in Green for the changes you want to make. If you do not have computer access, Please email or call 812-618-7089 us and we will work something out.

Once you assign an RC# to a model, that model horse will always be assigned that number for all RCC shows. If you sell that model, then you can reassign that number to another model. If you decide not to bring that model with you to the show, that is fine. you do not have to delete that model from your list. 

Also, This list is not to be confused with the number of the class that it is showing in. It is just a list of models that you are bringing number 1 to whatever.

Example of the form;