Number System

Here is the new instituted numbering system (as explained in the rules tab)

Step 1: Fill out show entry and pay fee.

Step 2: We will email you an assigned number and the format we would like back. This year it will be excel and a share google sheet. I recommend the google sheet.

Step 3: By 15 March 2023, submit via email to your list of your assigned number, model names, breed, & gender. If your used google sheet, just send us an email that you completed it.

Step 4: Fill out your leg tag with all the standard info plus this number.

(Each model MUST have a tag securely tied to it, to identify the ASSIGNED NUMBER, BREED & GENDER on the side that will face up and the other side… the owner’s name or initials, and the OFFICIAL name of the model.)

Note: If you do not have access to Microsoft excel, don’t worry. As stated earlier we will share a Google sheets with you with edit rights. On 28 MAR 2023, edit rights will be removed. If you do not have computer access, Please email or call 812-618-7089 us and we will work something out.

Example of the form; example